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EDS UK is delighted to partner with bridal and event wear company Just About Group, who are donating 5% of their net clothing sales to support people with EDS.

Just About Group’s Company Director, Jennie Hodgkinson, tells us why they chose to partner with EDS UK:

“I suffer from a rare type of EDS, which has caused my life to look like nothing I had dreamed of as a little girl. Sickness, huge weight loss, breakdown of my intestinal function, feeding via a Hickman Line, disfigurement and breakdown of my feet all gradually happened. I received a variety of incorrect diagnoses, which caused additional pain and suffering.

“Eventually EDS was diagnosed, and finally I had an answer as to why my body was not working properly. However, there was very little information out there to help me and my family, and because my EDS is such a rare type, there is almost no one and nowhere to go for help and support.

“Just About Group was always going to be proud to be an ethical business and my business partner and I said from the start that we wanted to donate a good chunk of money to a charity or charities. Putting money into an organisation that can help people with EDS was the easiest decision!

“We are very excited about the partnership. Not only will Just About Group donate money, but in time, we’d like to encourage our staff to get involved and offer any other help we can too. This partnership is more important to us than simply a financial transaction. Hopefully, we’ll be able to spread the word about EDS and what it’s like to suffer from this debilitating condition.”