Dog Jog 2019

Come and have a bark in the park with your four-legged friend!

The Dog Jog series offers a relaxed and fun atmosphere with no time crunch and no pressure. De-stress, have fun, get fit and raise money for The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK, all by jogging 5k with your dog. Cross the finish line with your four-legged friend and you will both receive a doggy bag filled with treats which is sure to set tails wagging.

The Dog Jog Series happens across 20 different locations, so all you need to do is find the Dog Jog event nearest to you and sign up to to support EDS UK today!

Wheelchairs and buggies and assistance is allowed. Due to different terrains on individual courses it is best to ask about each course to judge how suitable it is.

Throughout the year


Please raise as much as you can!

All of our fundraising events have a minimum fundraising pledge and in some cases additional fees passed on from the organiser

It is easy to sign up to raise money for us, please follow the link:

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