Superhero Triathlon 2019 – Individual or Team Event, 2 distances – open to all!

The UK’s one and only disability Triathlon for the Everyday Superhero! A fun, full-throttle individual or team challenge where people with disabilities call the shots and don’t have to worry about cut-off times or equipment restrictions.

There are three unique challenges to choose from and three very different ways to take part. You can fly solo, unite with family and friends for our team relays, or tow your Superhero around the entire course in our world first Sidekick Tris.

If you want flippers or floats in the water or need to use your powerchair, we make it possible. In fact, as far as we’re concerned anything goes.

Superheroes are welcome to bring assistance (a ‘Sidekick’) free of charge to help them complete one or more stages of the event. These Sidekicks may accompany, guide or propel (push or pull) participants around the course. All we ask is that the Superhero be the first person to cross the final push/rush finish line and that all participating Sidekicks be registered via the booking system. In terms of a team entry, each team can have one Sidekick per team.

Please do not let lack of equipment put you off, get in touch with Natalie our Fundraising manager who can see if she can help source equipment.

The Charity entries are for teams to enter the Sprint Tri Team which consists of 150m swim/ tow; 5km bike/wheel; 1km run/push

This can be upgraded by us at no cost to you. To be done individually or with a helper (sidekick) and can also be upgraded to the Full Superhero Tri (individual or team) 750m swim/tow; 20km bike/wheel; 5km push/run.

The full list of events can be found on the Superhero website – Here

Please get in touch with Natalie for a code to enter free of charge as a charity entry. or 0800 246 1391


August 17, 2019

Dorney Lake, Windsor

£50 pledge per person for a team entry
£150 pledge for an individual entry

All of our fundraising events have a minimum fundraising pledge and in some cases additional fees passed on from the organiser

Please get in touch with Natalie for a code to enter free of charge as a charity entry. or 0800 246 1391.

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