Fundraiser of the Month – August 2017 – Philip Evans

Philip Evans and 6 of his friends climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in August to raise money and awareness for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

This fund was inspired by a close friend, Lucy Stafford, being diagnosed with EDS and hearing about the tough time she has had with intestinal failure. The treatment for her condition is essentially non-existent and Doctors are just trying to handle the symptoms as best they can. This is the reason for this page. EDS needs more awareness and funding. Knowledge about it is so lacking and it’s an area of research that needs to be properly recognised. By donating you’re helping the push toward EDS becoming widely known and helping to benefit all those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from it.

Thank you to everyone who took part and those who donated, we raised an incredible £2,472.42

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