Ezra’s Extraordinary Stripes

A wonderful story about Ezra coming to terms with being different. Ezra lives with a rare genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and he is fed up with being different, living with constant pain and fatigue.


The book is written in a narrative style, for supportive adults to help children explore the thoughts and feelings of Ezra and how these impact on his behaviour. As a result, the book does not use diagnostic labels and is not intended for this purpose; instead the focus is on creating a common language which children can understand and use to make sense of how they are feeling. Although this book was written with children experiencing EDS in mind, it may also be useful for those who struggle with the following:

• Low self esteem
• Difficulties with trusting others/making friends
• Difficulty in asking for/accepting help
• Feelings of isolation and loneliness
• Feelings of being different
• Coping with a life changing event and managing physical/psychological change
• Coping with a long term illness or disability


The book is 210 x 210mm square with the cover matt laminated and sealed. It is perfect bound and printed on uncoated stock, creating a professional look and feel.


Please click here to view a sample of inside the book.


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