Coronavirus Chronic Conditions and Disabilities Awareness (CICADA) Study

Professor Carol Rivas, Dr Kusha Anand, & Lorna Collins, UCL

Professor Carol Rivas at University College London (UCL) is leading an 18-month UK study on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s health and quality of life. The project, Coronavirus Chronic Conditions and Disabilities Awareness Study (CICADA) is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR 132914). Informed by empirical research (so learning from first-hand experiences), its aim is to develop simple strategies, recommendations and easily adopted actions to improve future experiences, health and wellbeing outcomes, especially for those with chronic health conditions and who are from minoritised ethnic groups.

The study involves completing an online survey which should take around 20 minutes. The survey is open to all, but the researchers are particularly keen to hear from people who have EDS or HSD. There is the option to be entered into a prize draw on completion of the survey.

If you would like to take part and have chronic conditions/consider yourself disabled or take care of someone with chronic conditions/who is disabled, please click here.

If you would like to take part and have no chronic conditions and are not disabled, please click here.

The researchers are also conducting an additional study which involves an interview. If you have a chronic condition/live with disability and identify as first or second generation Arab, African, South Asian or from Central/East Europe you may be eligible for the additional study– for which you will be paid £20: in shopping vouchers. If you are interested in participating in this part of the research, please email


Start date: 27/08/2021

Finish date: 30/09/2021

Should you have any queries about this study please use the details below:

Cicada study team

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