Become an Area Coordinator


Without our volunteers, the support we provide to our members would cease to exist, so we are incredibly grateful for the invaluable work they do. We have a wide range of volunteers from those who suffer with EDS to those who care for someone with it. You could even be a friend of someone with EDS.

The role of an Area Coordinator involves:

  • Arranging quarterly meetings in your area
  • Having regular catch-up calls with the EDS UK Communities Manager
  • Providing online support to members in your area via email and Facebook, where appropriate
  • Acting as a liaison/conduit via social media and meetings
  • Communicating through email and Facebook with members to inform them of meetings and other events in their area

Some of our volunteers don’t stop there! Here are some examples of other great things they are doing for the community:

  • Coffee Meetups – some of our Area Coordinators do things a little differently and travel around their areas to meet small groups of people in a more informal setting over a cuppa and cake!
  • Medical Awareness Days – some Area Coordinators spend a morning or afternoon at their local hospital or GP surgery with a table full of information ready to pass on to medical professionals, members of the public and patients. These events are so important as they are helping to spread awareness of EDS all over the country!
  • Family Fun Days – These give every member of our community an opportunity to come together and learn more about EDS, or simply have some fun while raising money for EDS UK!

If you are interested in discussing becoming an AC in your local area, please email or call the office on 0208 736 5604