Self management

Self-management is a key part of EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndromes) and HSD (hypermobility spectrum disorders).  The ability to take responsibility for one’s own well-being can be difficult;  but with guidance and the correct information it can become achievable.

Self-management has a variety of aspects, including mental health, physical health, organisation and routine.  These key elements put together can assist you in taking your health care into your own hands.

Pacing, physiotherapy exercises, dietary changes and good sleep hygiene are all examples of things you can begin to take on yourself, with time, practice and support to contribute to managing your EDS and HSD.  Whilst we are still working hard to spread awareness and educate medical professionals and the general public, self-management is the highest priority for helping to manage your symptoms.  Remember it is a process and will take time; please utilize the information below to assist with your self-management.

A Patient’s Response to Jason Parry’s Dislocation & Subluxation Management advice

Sarah Miles, a patient with The Ehlers-Danlos syndromes

A patents practical perspective on advice given by Jason Parry


Building your own EDS toolkit

Tips from support groups around the UK

Management tips for our support groups around the UK


What is EDS?

Information sheets, how to get a diagnosis, advice for medical profesisonals......

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