Guides to help with benefits claims

EDS UK is a Professional Member of the organisation Benefits and Work, which provides specialist guides to claiming Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment and Employment Support Allowance.

The Benefits and Work guides are available free of charge to EDS UK members and will be provided via email as a digital pdf file. Below is a list of the popular guides and a link to download the complete list of all available:

1. Employment and Support Allowance claims on physical health grounds: a guide to the work capability assessment. This is a fully comprehensive guide to the assessment procedure for the work-related activity group and the support group on physical grounds. 

2. ESA and UC Claims for Mental Health and Learning Difficulties: a guide to the limited capability for work assessment. This is a fully comprehensive guide to the assessment procedure on mental health and learning difficulties grounds for employment & support allowance and universal credit.

3. ESA Employment and Support Allowance mandatory reconsiderations and appeals. 43 page guide to mandatory reconsiderations and appeals for ESA, for decisions made on or after 28 October 2013.

4. Guide to PIP claims and reviews. 88 page guide to PIP claims, medicals and the PIP AR1 review form.

5. I’ve been awarded PIP, what else can I claim? 14 page guide to other benefits you may be able to claim if you are awarded PIP.

6. Guide to PIP appeals. A 26 page detailed guide on challenging PIP decisions through Mandatory Reconsideration and Appeal. 

Who are Benefits and Work?

Benefits and Work was launched in 2002 by advice worker turned barrister Holiday Whitehead and benefits writer and trainer Steve Donnison, to provide just such information.

It is unique amongst benefits information providers in that it asks for no funding or support from the government, local authorities, grant making trusts or large companies. Every penny of Benefits and Work’s revenue comes from its subscribing members.

This complete independence means that Benefits and Work is free to publish information that makes it deeply unpopular with the Department for Work and Pensions, multinationals with an interest in benefits – such as Atos Healthcare, Unum Provident and Capita – and even other advice providers whose dependence on state and corporate funding may have made them reluctant to tell the whole truth.

Download: list of benefits and work guides

To obtain any of the guides please email, stating which guides you would like.