EDS UK Bake-In: Bread challenge winners

We are delighted to announce the EDSUK Bake-In bread challenge winners. We move onto pastry next week and full details of how to take part can be found here.

EDS UK bake In bread week junior winner

Junior: (London region)

Zara is 14 years old and has a sister with hypermobile EDS. Zara loves baking to cheer her sister up when she is having hard times and this week baked her 4 different types of bread. The judges loved the fact that she did this for her sister and that all of the entries were consistently well baked and presented – well done Zara!

Adults: (Chloe – North West and Deb – South West)

Chloe is our first winner and has hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome and gastroparesis.
She was diagnosed 3 years ago after many years of illness. She was studying a post graduate degree at university when she became very ill and had to give up her studies, as well as hobbies, including skiing. Since being ill and leaving work, Chloe has discovered a new found love for gluten free baking and painting. She was so excited when she heard about this bake in as it’s given her a new challenge to undertake!

Deb was diagnosed with hEDS in 2017 at the age of 54. It helped her to understand the multitude of conditions, illnesses, allergies and injuries she has battled with most of her life. Deb is a keen cyclist and has done many cycles raising money for charity and is a keen baker as shown by this amazing cheese and pickle loaf which has been made with local ingredients – all of the Judges mouths were watering looking at this one!

Wooden Spoon (London)

At first glance, this loaf didn’t look too bad – it had clearly sunk, but wasn’t a ‘disaster’. Until we read the text with the entry. ‘. Used a whole blue food colouring bottle a disaster, because it was not the one you use for baking, so it just gave it a vague vomit tint’. Enjoy your wooden spoon Cate – it is on it’s way to you!

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