EDS UK Bake-In: Cake challenge winners

As we move onto the bread challenge, our judges have been looking at all the entries. We received an amazing 75 adult and 16 junior entries, thank you all for taking part and good luck in the upcoming challenges. Full details of the various challenge weeks and how to take part can be found here.

EDS UK Bake-In cake challenge junior winners

Junior Bake-In

We loved seeing all of the entries in the Junior section and it was extremely difficult to decide a winner. In the end, Elsa (7) and Barney (2) just pipped to the post with their winter planes and clouds cake. Elsa has EDS and MCAS, so does whatever she can to stay strong and loves baking and dancing when she is able to. All of our Junior entrants will receive a certificate for taking part and the judges gave ‘special handshakes’ to some of the entrants, so watch out for one on your certificate!

EDS UK Bake-In cake challenge adult winners

Adult Bake-In

From 127 entries down to the last 4 – the 3 Judges just couldn’t choose between them so an executive decision was made and they decided to send all four to the final! The Judges were so impressed by the high standard and loved hearing the inspiring stories behind the bakes, as well as the recipe adaptations – vegan, dairy free, gluten free and all sorts, as well as hearing about perching stools, braces, pacing and using ‘spoons’. Four worthy star bakers for the cake challenge all going through to the final, where you, the members, will vote for your EDS UK Bake-In 2021 winner!

EDS UK Bake-In cake challenge Victoria wooden spoon

Wooden Spoon

Our lovely Victoria , who is one of our 18-25 volunteer Area Coordinators, sent in this poor zebra cake who had lost his head. She said it still tasted lovely, but Victoria has become the recipient of the EDS UK Bake In’s first wooden spoon!! Better luck next time Victoria 🙂

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