EDS UK Bake-In: Pastry challenge winners

We are delighted to announce the EDSUK Bake-In pastry challenge winners. We move onto pastry next week and full details of how to take part can be found here.

Bake In pastry Junior star baker, Sebastian

Junior (South London): 

5 year old Sebastian is our very worthy winner with his amazing strawberry and mango tart! His mum is a zebra and he loves to bake – he does it all himself with instructions from Mum and then helps with all the clearing up! He spent all day making this tart and he said it tastes delicious! Well done Sebastian – you are through to the Junior Bake In final!

Bake-In adult pastry star bakers, Emma & Sarah

Adults: Emma (East of England) and Sarah (East of England)

Emma’s gorgeous looking gluten and dairy free quiches with pancetta, cheese and caramelised onions made us all hungry for lunch – super looking pastry and beautifully filled and presented – well done Emma – we will see you in the Grand final!

Sarahs’ Zebra designed bakes blew the Judges away with her clever pastry design and delicious fillings – a unanimous ‘WOW’ from all of the Judges made Sarahs pastry entry an easy choice to through to the Grand Final – well done Sarah!

Bake-In pastry wooden spoon winner, Beth

Wooden Spoon: Beth (Yorkshire and Linsolnshire)

Beth is the proud recipient of a wooden spoon for the pastry challenge! The first lot of tarts went horribly wrong and then the second lot went the same way… apparently they tasted nice, but I don’t think they would meet the standard of the Queen of Hearts! Enjoy your wooden spoon Beth – it is on its way to you!

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