Men’s Support Group Survey

EDS UK is looking to run a series of men’s meeting beginning late spring around the UK. Men’s meetings are a little different to local area meetings. They are less formal, and have a more sociable feel. They are for all male members touched by EDS, including patients, fathers, husbands and male carers. Meetings are facilitated by Robin Hosking, our men’s coordinator. EDS UK hopes to have guest speakers at meetings this year. Meetings include a complimentary non-alcoholic drink and a snack.

Men’s meetings are demand lead by its members. EDS UK cannot justify running men’s meetings with fewer than four attendees per meeting. When we do run meetings, we need to know in advance how many are likely to attend so a suitable venue can be arranged.

EDS UK would like to know where our male members are in the UK, and if you would like to have a men’s meeting in your area. Please kindly respond to our survey online here. It should take no longer than a few minutes.

Other support available for men includes our closed Facebook group, EDS UK Helpline, telephone, and email.

Facebook – EDS UK Mens

Telephone – 0208 881 1406

Email –

EDS UK Helpline – 0800 907 8518


We look forward to hearing from you.

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