Fundraiser of the Month – January 2017 – Ruby Jones

If raising over £1,100 for a charity that is extremely close to my heart isn’t enough to get my year off to a great start then I do not know what is!

January can be a very depressing time of year for everyone. Whether you are a uni student, at work or back to school, the next few months are very tough. However, for me, these months can seem like they are never going to end. If the cold weather making my joints ache to the core isn’t enough, then the come-down of Christmas and looming assignments will do the trick.

Knowing this time of year is difficult for me, I decided to turn it around and do something to raise money and awareness for EDS UK so that people like me won’t have to suffer this much in the future during these dreaded months. Taking part in Dry January has raised not only an amazing amount of money, but the awareness throughout the people I have come across at uni in the last few months is incomprehensible. Course-mates, bouncers, drunkards on their nights out, you name it all. It has made my life so much easier – people understand if I can’t make this event or if I seem cranky and tired – and it is a HUGE relief.

Being chronically ill is really f*cking difficult. No doubt about it. But by doing something positive and raising money, I have managed to turn one of the most difficult times of year for me into an incredible start to the year. It is very easy for me to forget all the positive things I have achieved, especially when I struggle to attend lectures or I am dealing with unusually high pain levels as I am at the moment. But remembering what I can achieve simply from behind the computer screen makes me feel very proud.

The people who have supported me over the last few weeks when things have been tough have helped make the beginning of my year absolutely brilliant and I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much Ruby for your brilliant and continuous support!

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