Fundraiser of the Month – May 2017 – Eloise, Tai and Samuel

Thank you to Eloise, Tai and Samuel who gruelled a 100km trek, from London to Brighton and for raising an incredible £6,500 for EDS UK.

In 2014 I met one of the most important figures in my life: my ex-girlfriend Darcey…dramatic whirlwind romance ensued.

At the time she had recently been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare and incurable condition that rapidly began to attack almost every area of her life. Her fight is relentless, crushing and often heartbreakingly hopeless, and our relationship was unfortunately one of its many casualties. My love, support and admiration – however – only strengthen watching her face new challenge after new challenge as her body puts her through a living hell.

On March 1st, Darcey posted a brutally honest description of her struggle on Facebook, and I was spurred to do something to show support, so I reached out to the most supportive people I know: my family. My aunt, a recent cancer survivor and no stranger to hard fights, suggested the 100km London to Brighton challenge, and my cousin Tai was quick to jump on board the Grévy* train.

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