Following your dreams with wonky joints

By: Loki -T-Rex

Hi I’m Loki T-Rex, I’m a paraclimber with hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD).

I was born with a clicky right hip, floppy joints and severe reflux which was eventually put down to having HSD at two years old. My mum has classical EDS so spotted signs of hypermobility early on.

I started climbing when I was two years old – as I was busy trying to climb the house,  I climbed out of my cot at seven months old – and started competing when I was four. Since then I’ve entered six competitions and out of those had two second places and one gold. I’m really proud of what I have achieved through climbing. I refuse to let my wandering joints stop me, and mum always has a roll of k tape on hand.

Mum and the doctors think that my hypermobility has helped build muscles quicker through my climbing and that has helped stabilise my joints more. Mum’s doctor believes I would have suffered more with my joints had I not climbed.

Stay cool, stay awesome and rock the rock.

Loki T-Rex

I still have a weak right ankle that causes me problems when I climb but with help from my paraclimbing coach (Anita Aggarwal, second in the world paraclimber) we’ve adapted ways to help me cope on the wall when my ankle gives me pain.

Through my climbing journey I’ve met loads of paraclimbers who have EDS and we all say the same thing: climbing is fantastic physiotherapy, as it uses the whole body, and we wouldn’t be without it.

Loki climbing a colour wall and wearing a blue T-Shirt

Locki doing what he does best….climbing!

I want to climb for Great Britain one day. And I hope I can be an inspiration to other young people who have EDS or HSD.  I want everyone to know that you can do the thing, whatever it is. Don’t let your EDS stop you as there are adaptions out there. You can still follow your dreams even with wonky joints.

Find out more about Loki on Instagram: @Loki_Trex_climbs.